1. Dread Daze Remix Single "The Rock"

  2. Jack Fulks EP "Follow Your Dreams" EP

  3. Lundgaard EP

  4. The Rebirth "Limited Edition" EP

  5. Michelle Shaprow EP "Sevenly"

  6. Exclusive Recordings "Our Time" Compilation

  7. Exclusive Recordings "Daytime" Compilation

  8. Exclusive Recordings "Party Time" Compilation

  9. Exclusive Recordings "Yoga Time" Compilation

  10. Exclusive Recordings "Bed Time" Compilation

  11. Exclusive Recordings "Quite Time" Compilation

  12. Exclusive Recordings "Nitetime" Compilation

  13. Exclusive Recordings "Show Time" Compilation

  14. Exclusive Recordings "Peace Time" Compilation

  15. Exclusive Recordings "Meditation Time" Compilation

  16. Dread Daze EP "Remixes & Dubs"

  17. Piel EP "Conversation"

  18. Conscious Level Ep "STAND UP"!!

  19. Dread Daze Ep "Guidance & Direction" Vol.#3
    Dread Daze

  20. Dread Daze Ep "Di Wall" Vol. #1
    Dread Daze

  21. Dread Daze Ep "LIVE MIX"
    Dread Daze

  22. Dread Daze Ep "RIGHT NOW"!!! Vol.#2
    Dread Daze

  23. Tracy Nicole Ep "ANGELS / BELIEVE"
    Tracy Nicole

  24. BE Natural Ep "Evoluting" Vol.#3
    BE Natural

  25. Jasmine Lee Ep "Its Time" Vol. #1
    Jasmine Lee

  26. "PROTECTION" Maxi Single
    Dread Daze

  27. Fountain Delano Ep "Phazes of Love" Part One
    Fountain Delano

  28. Freedom Single "FREE"

  29. Temple feat. Angel ll:ll Ep "The Activation" Part #1
    Temple feat. Angel ll:ll

  30. Amea EP "Thank-Full"

  31. BE Natural Ep "Conversation Peace's" Vol. #2
    BE Natural

  32. Freedom Single "@ The Top"

  33. Freedom Ep "The Coming OF" Chapter Two

  34. Freedom EP "The Coming" Chapter One

  35. BE Natural Ep "Natural High" Vol. #1

  36. Steve E Ross Ep "Herlovehistory" Episode 1- 5
    Steve "E" Ross

  37. Fountain Delano Ep "Phazes of Love" Part Two
    Fountain Delano

  38. Real Smoke Ep "This Is The World"
    Real Smoke

  39. Steve E. Ross Ep "Heaven Scent" Episode 6 - 11
    Steve "E" Ross

  40. Jasmine Lee Ep "Riddle" Vol.#2
    Jasmine Lee

  41. BE Natural DVD/Ep "All Natural" Vol.#4
    BE Natual


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Exclusive Recordings is a collection of Conscious Artist who are deeply committed and passionate in their music and mission to "Spread Love through Music". Exclusive Recordings was created as a Alternative Outlet for such Spiritually and Socially Conscious Artist. It is our gift to present you with the Best Music that Inspires, Enlighten, Entertains, and Empowers You. We are more than Groove... ... more

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